Subscription Bundle Payment Webhook

This event occurs when the user buys bundle subscription.

You can register your webhook endpoint for receiving data whenever a user pays for their subscription bundle via ConsCent - by logging in to your ConsCent Client Dashboard and navigating to the Webhook Page. You will be able to enable/disable and edit your webhook URL from this section. Once the webhook URL is registered and the webhook is in the enabled state - the endpoint will receive the user's subscription bundle payment data, along with the details of the bundle - anytime the user purchases a client's subscription bundle via ConsCent. Moreover, the webhook is secured by basic auth using the Client's API Key and API Secret provided by ConsCent on the SDK Integration section of the client dashboard - ConsCent Client Integration. You can optionally choose to keep the endpoint protected and authenticate using the provided credentials which are passed in the headers of the POST request to the configured webhook endpoint.

Subscription Bundle Payment JSON
  "purchaseId": "62d02f1bf3299d7b21d4a235",
  "userId": "623b1204ff6e065272e3530b",
  "userEmail": "",
  "userPhoneNumber": "9876543211",
  "userName": "asdasdasd",
  "userAddress": {
    "state": "SIKKIM",
    "city": "asdsa",
    "area": "asdasdasdas",
    "pincode": "110089"
  "userGender": "MALE",
  "userEmploymentType": "FULL_TIME",
  "utmParameters": {
    "utm_source": "KJ007",
    "utm_medium": "medium",
    "utm_name": "name"
  "bundleBuyingPrice": 332,
  "bundlePrice": 369,
  "bundlePriceDetails": { "price": 369, "currency": "INR" },
  "subscriptionsDetail": [
      "title": "Digital",
      "duration": 1,
      "currencySymbol": "₹",
      "buyingPrice": 90.00,
      "price": "100.00",
      "clientName": "Test Client TSB media venture a",
      "currency": "INR"
      "title": "Digital",
      "duration": 19,
      "currencySymbol": "₹",
      "buyingPrice": 242.10,
      "price": "269.00",
      "clientName": "Test client b",
      "currency": "INR"

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