Cancel Active Subscriptions

The client can cancel the active subscriptions for a user

POST {API_URL}/client/cancel-subscriptions/{userId}

Auth required: YES

Please pass your API key as the username and API secret as the password as basic auth to access the endpoint.

{ "message": "Subscriptions Cancelled Successfully" }

    "userAccountId": "6242c8f195dcaf49ddc9afbd",
    "purchases": [
            "id": "65dd8927ae60c411df51b902",
            "subscriptionId": "6188d151e018990cee9630ad",
            "tierId": "6188d151e018990cee9630af",
            "subscriptionDetails": {
                "duration": 1,
                "inrPrice": 999
            "subscriptionType": {
                "physical": false,
                "digital": true,
                "adFree": false
	    "price": 999,
	    "priceDetails": {
	    "currency": "INR",
	    "price": 999
    "message": "Subscriptions Cancelled Successfully"

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