Discount Coupon

The Discount Coupon is designed to facilitate the creation and management of two primary types of coupon templates: Static and Dynamic.

Coupon Templates Overview:

  • Single Code Use: Static coupons are characterized by a single, unchanging coupon code for every customer.

Coupon Creation Process:

  • Single Coupon Code: Clients define a unique coupon code, adhering to character limits and no-space rules.

  • Usage Limits: Setting a limit on how many times the static coupon can be redeemed.

Enhanced Management Features:

  1. Coupon Listing: Displaying coupons in a card format with comprehensive statistics.

  2. Data Filtering: Options to filter by coupon type, redemption rate, and date ranges.

  3. Coupon Actions: Facilities to edit, delete, and toggle the active status of coupons.

  4. API Ingestion and New Coupon Creation: Initiating new coupon creation.

Note: Both Static and Dynamic coupons can be applied on the Subscription Landing Page (SLP) and Subscription Review Page (SRP), with features like auto-apply and removal options

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